Monday, May 29, 2006

Art Collector

These are the pieces that I bought from DH's exhibition. I liked the ceramic because it reminded me of a dragon. It is actually a tea light holder.
Yesterday did go quite well apart from one major hassle. I started the MP kit. The threads are on a thread card which has two rows of holes punched next to each other, rather than on either side of the card. They were also just draped through the holes rather than secured, so I was grumbling away about this whilst DH was watching World Superbikes from Silverstone. I then started to put the fabric in the hoop, and was struggling to get it in. Again grumbling away to myself when DH looked over and said "that fabric is aida". Now bearing in mind I don't like aida and haven't used it for years, and the kit say's it is packaged with 27 count evenweave, this was a big surprise to me. I looked at it, and realised he was right, and I hadn't put two and two together. So I had to pinch some fabric from one of my stash kit's and I started it on that. Look's like another trip to LNS to replace fabric.
I also discovered a big plus to technology today. I had bought a speaker and MP3 holder last week primarily for the purpose of charging my MP3 without a laptop, you can do this from the mains with the kit. But I set the kit up in the bedroom, and realised I could then play music in the room without having a stereo up there. I've also got a radio on the MP3 so bingo!! I am a bit slow in the technical department, but this is great! I am so impressed with this for £9.98. Bargain!! LOL
Today the weather is iffy. One minute nice sun, next showers. I think I've guilted DH into washing caravan as I said I was going to clean the bedroom, and he said "but you don't want to do that on your day off". I sort of shrugged and muttered it needed doing, so he later announced about the caravan plans. So, I've finished bedroom, but he's still outside with brush and bucket. I think I got the better deal.
Off to stitch with Teresa later. Think I might put some quality time into PT and do some of the main section rather than just border. I should be able to spend a decent block of time on it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where did the Week Go?

This week has just flown, I'm sorry to not have posted before. I am now doing my usual weekend thing so thought I would catch up. How is it that during the week when you have to get up, you're half asleep and don't want to get up. Yet at the weekend, 7am on the dot, my eyes are open and I'm wide awake! Now that's no bad thing if you like to get up and about and do things, which I do quite like. DH on the other hand is not so much a morning person in the weekend, and likes to lie in bed leisurely drinking tea. I normally go along with this, and often lie awake so as not to wake him too early, with things going round in my head. This morning though, I have gotten up and am sitting in the sunshine (which is a rare thing at the moment) blogging. So, it's 7.30am on a holiday weekend, and I'm awake, DH hasn't come downstairs to moan about "what am I doing up at this time, and come back to bed", so my day has begun.
So a round up of the week. As you know, Monday wasn't good. Tuesday felt as if it was Thursday! The week, although flown, also seemed long! Which I know sounds mad, but that's how it felt. Drove to Derby on Tuesday, which is about 75 miles, and an hour and a half's drive, got there, he had forgotten I was coming, so I got back in the car and drove home! Wednesday I had so much to do, one of DH's student friends had her end of year exhibition opening, so we went to Wolverhampton to see that. Thursday I was in Oxford, and as didn't go to that place last month, had 2 months to do this time. Consequently didn't finish until 5.45pm, then it took me 2 and a half hours to get home, the traffic was really bad, think everyone had broken up early for the weekend. It's also half term next week, so maybe that helped too.
Friday, I had my MOT day, dentist, haircut, nurse and chiropractor! I also had to fit a meeting in with an Area Manager before dentist at a nearby McDonalds, and a gym session! Again I finished about 8pm. Oh, and I also sneaked a visit in to LNS to get some fabric for the pincushion exchange. I was really good, I bought the fabric, paid for a skein of Appleton's which they had posted a few weeks ago, and it came to the princely sum of 65p.
However that visit led to my downfall yesterday! I had decided that I quite fancied doing some Michael Powell stitching to take on holiday with me. He has a trilogy called Tuscany which really suited my holiday stitching mood. There were 4 kits up on ebay, so I have been watching them all week hoping for a bargain. They started quite cheap, but by the end they went for the cost of a ONS. No bargain's to be had there then. DH was convinced there were spook bidders bumping the price up as the bidders had colour related id's. He has this theory about ebay that spook bidders are pushing prices up! I'm not sure, but maybe it isn't so crazy. Anyway, his big exhibition that he has been organizing finished yesteray, so he was down there all day taking the work down, and closing it up, so before he went we tackled some more "to-do's". The welcome pack from Eurocamp arrived which was very exciting! Only four weeks away! So we ordered our maps from Amazon. Decided on the guide books we wanted. I had bought the Lonely Planet Rome guide from WH Smith, as Amazon had an old version on it. Decided to keep that one, it looks the most user friendly. It also has sections about "doing it on the cheap", so to speak, very useful if there is a student in the house. LOL.
As soon as he left the house, my downfall visit really kicked in, went back to LNS. Bought a Michael Powell Tuscan Trilogy 2, and ordered Tuscan Trilogy 1, to take away with me. Michael Powell doesn't seem to be well known outside the UK, either that or his stuff isn't distributed worldwide much, as there were no listings on US ebay at all. I quite like his stuff, it looks better stitched than in the photo's, the colours are quite bright. I think it will be quite a relaxing stitch. I have put a link into his website so that you can check out the designs. Let me know what you think.
I was also led astray by the LNS owner Sharon, who is lovely. She has just signed up with Hoffman's to get US stuff direct. Before, she used to get it through the UK distributor Solo, but they seem to have gone all papercrafting, so she has gone direct. She had some new dragon chart's in from Patricia Allison, they are seasonal dragon's and were Spring and Winter. cute!! Never heard of PA before, but definitely liked them. Charts had also been signed by PA! They were swiftly put on one side for future purchase! So very bad day on stitch stash front!
I then came home, and sat in front of TV catching up on video'd episodes of "Medium", with Patricia Arquette. I missed it first time round, but they are repeating it on Sci Fi channel. I stitched my pincushion exchange. Yay HD!!! and finished all the stitching. I haven't made it up yet, but hey, half way there. I thought that it was really self controlled of me to not wade straight into the new MP kit!
Finally, the photo printer on ebay didn't sell, so consulted Amazon again, who were listing the new model of the Canon, only a bit more than I wanted to pay, so ordered that, so the other 2 can go back to the shop when it arrives.
DH also arrived home with a picture that I had bought from his exhibition, which he collected for me when it was all taken down. I am now an official "art collector". LOL
One of his art group members had done it. She is hoping to become an associate of the Royal Society of Birmingham Artist's (RBSA), so if she does, the value should go up. I do actually really like the picture, it is oil on canvas of a sea scene. I will post a photo next time.
Well that was a mega post, hope I haven't bored you guys. Must post more often so it's not so long next time. DH still not stirred. Look's like it's going to be a good day.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Frustrated with a capital "F"

Can't tell you how frustrated I am today. For the last few day's I seem to have been going round in circles. I have a "to do" list for the week, which includes various tasks, and whilst I attempt to work on that task, I seem to be met with opposition to resolving it!!! Therefore no "to do's" get done. Prime example, car needs to be serviced before holiday, phone dealership to book it in, get price quoted. New dealership has opened down the road, part of the same company, thought that might be more convenient to take it to, so phone to see if they have space and get price. Price quoted £40 less than original dealership. Now I had checked 3 times that it was the correct service they were quoting for, they assured me it was. Spoke to DH for advice being a mechanical thing, go back to original dealership and ask them to match he advised. After all £139 compared to £99 is a big difference. ( I feel you can see the accountant coming out in me!!! Either that or I am certifiably tight! LOL)
Original dealership said oh, we actually quoted you wrong price should be £179!!!, but we will stick to £139. When told of the other deal, I was told, no definitely wrong, they wouldn't be using correct parts etc, and in fact the manager of this dealership was looking after both, so he would be speaking to "Down the Road" to set them straight. So phoned "Down the Road" back to say didn't now need their booking as I wasn't sure it was the right service for the money. They then proceeded to assure me it was correct, and the assistant said "but if you wan't to pay more for the same thing, then go ahead". She even had that tone in her voice which said you must be mad to pay more but I'm not going to argue. S0......... it was left she was going to send me service details with price confirmed. Dilemma continues, arrange car service still on "to do" list.
And as for digital camera's, been trying to find one small, affordable and taking a decent picture of stitching. Had tried Fuji A400, which was ok, but not brilliant. Took it back to shop under their 30 day no quibble guarantee, and was told it was a "lens" problem. So was told to take home a Canon Powershot A520, as this would do the job. Only problem was it was more money, but being sold as a bundle with a photo printer which I don't want. So photo printer is for sale on ebay, which if sold will bring price of camera down to what I want to spend, if not back to something else. Sort out digital camera still on "to do" list. Aaaarghhhhh!!!!!!
You get my drift.
Another one of my "to do's " is to sort out materials for my exchange piece on San's forum. Reading San's blog tonight she has actually finished her piece! So not only has she sorted out her materials, but finished it too!!! I am sadly lacking. Power to San.
So now that I have taken my frustrations out on you guys I am going to settle back into my chair and stitch with Teresa. If I can get the digi cam to take a good shot, I will post update tomorrow.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

SBQ of the Week

Since this week has been so busy, and I am having major digi-cam hassles, I thought I would use the SBQ of the week:-

Lately, it seems that many stitching bloggers have experienced a loss of their stitching mojo. Have you ever lost your stitching mojo? If so, how did you get it back and how long did it take?

The answer is most definitely yes!
I usually get it back either by
a) not doing any stitching, putting everything out of the way, and it eventually crawls back about a month later.
b) receiving a model to test stitch for a designer here in England, which immediately makes me want to work on anything apart from that, and draws me back to wanting to do my own stitching. LOL

The BB's and the stitching blogs are great for reviving my mojo! Looking round everyone's blogs and seeing their fantastic wip's and HD's definitely inspires me to stitch. I love seeing what everyone else is doing and how beautiful they look. They all look so much better than in the pictures you see showing the designs for sale. All I need now is to win the lottery so I can spend lots more time stitching!
Stitching has sadly taken a back seat again this weekend, will do some more on FI tonight, then PT tomorrow.
Updated FI enclosed.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We Booked It!

What a tense night I had last night! PT was sadly neglected in the SAL stakes.
After I had blogged I was so wound up about the whole holiday thing. DH was not too popular to say the least. Well, I decided to check out the web pages of Eurocamp to see what it would actually cost to go when he finished term, just in case the prices weren't as bad as the brochure. Pulled up the details of the campsite and it was available at end of June, and wonder of wonder's there was discount for late summer booking, and no children! The price worked out nearly the same as September. I was then in a dilemma, it was only 6 weeks away. I am a huge organiser of things, I like everything planned to the last detail with lots of lists. September I was prepared for, 6 weeks away I was not. DH then had to go out to a meeting, so left me to get more wound up, should I take the plunge and go for it, or should I be cautious and not!
My Mother was also out for the evening so I couldn't seek her "wisdom" on the subject.
Pacing started, getting more frantic with the passing hours, and the absence of DH. it got to 10.30pm and I was struck with thoughts of a) ringing him and demanding him to come home and talk about it, or b) it was probably too late now as the availability had probably gone.
He finally showed at 10.45pm, when I sat him down, discussed it for all of at least 5 minutes, which on reflection was quite unfair considering he hadn't had a lot of input about where he would actually like to go on holiday, and we booked it.
So we are going to go to a campsite about 25 miles from Rome for 9 nights, with a night either side halfway from Calais in the French Alps, for the last week of June, first week of July! Round trip of approximately 2,500 miles! My poor Corsa won't know what's hit it. It is only 14 months old now and got 28,000 miles on it!
Major planning starts now!
Thanks for your comments on the last post, I really appreciate them all, thanks for reading my ramblings!
Updated picture of PT enclosed.

Monday, May 15, 2006

What my Stitching Should Look Like

Well after the success of adding in my Chalice Well link yesterday, I am going to try and add links to what my stitching should look like, as Stitch or No Stitch asked me to do.
The Peacock Tapestry can be found at
The Storyteller is at
Fairy Idyll is at
It is design no 21.
I did some more on FI yesterday so am posting an updated WIP.
Tonight is my SAL with Teresa so will be doing some more on PT.
Big disappointment on the holiday front today. Was planning to go away in September before DH goes back to University. Hopefully catching the cheaper prices after the kids go back to school. Got a Keycamp and Eurocamp brochure sent to us, and rather fancied a site near to Rome. Could cope with 2 weeks in a tent near to Rome. Checked availability on website, all ok, price ok, then DH phoned Uni for start of term dates. 4th September!!! No good to man nor beast!!! So looked back at brochures, to go in July when he has finished this year's Uni, 3 times as much, and most definitely out of the budget.
Look's like a wet weekend in Wales is on the cards. LOL
Back to the planning department for holidays.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Grand Day Out!

Where did this week go? I haven't blogged much this week and I just don't know where the time has gone. I haven't stitched much either.
Went to patchwork on Thursday night. Spent all night still cutting out sawtooth star pieces. Thought I was ready to stitch them together when no, read the instructions, the 2.5" squares all have to have a line drawn on them! There is 5 sets of 32 to do. Won't be stitching them together for a bit then. There is no class next week as it will be "Malvern". Malvern is England's biggest quilt show at the 3 Counties Showground in Malvern, Worcestershire. The NEC in Birmingham also holds one in August, but Malvern has been going for years, and most people really love going there. It starts on Thurdsay until Sunday. Might get the chance to go, depends on how things go. Don't really want to buy anything, but it's nice to go and look.
Yesterday we had a day out, which is quite rare for DH and I. We went to Glastonbury. There are some gardens there called "Chalice Well", which are really beautiful and are the home of a natural spring. They are also at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. The web site is if you fancy a virtual tour. On certain evening's they open the garden and light it with lanterns and candlelight. It looks really beautiful. We stayed there until around 10pm, then DH drove home while I fell asleep in the car. I was very supportive! Got home about 12.15 am and fell straight into bed I was so tired.
I bought a new skirt in Glastonbury, I think I have strange tastes in clothes, I like the hippie thing, so Glastonbury is a good source of clothes, unlike normal shopping centre's.
I am going to work on Fairy Idyll tonight. Considering it is supposed to be my focus piece, I don't seem to be making much progress. I took PT with me yesterday, and managed to stitch some in the car on the way down, and then again sitting in the gardens. Tomorrow is the stitch with Teresa night, so I will work on it again.
The stitching goals on PT are going well, but not so good on Fairy Idyll, must try harder! LOL.
I have also been setting general goals for the week, including stitching, to try and keep pace with everything that I need to do. I am finding it quite good to actually write down what I want to achieve that week, as I am being more focussed about it, and not just thinking I know I need to do it, I'll get round to it. This weeks goals all achieved except for Fairy Idyll.
Thanks for all the comments on my blog! I really appreciate them!
Back to stitching.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Woo Hoo!!

My blog sidebar is fixed!!! Went to one of my clients yesterday who is a computer wizard! Mentioned my little blog problem, he took one look at code, deleted a couple of symbols and hey presto, blog fixed! Easy when you know how. So many thanks to Martin.
Worked really long day yesterday, 13 hours later and I was done. Not much Stitching with Teresa was therefore completed. Fortunately spent a bit of time over weekend on PT, so am not doing too bad on goal list. Did do some stitching, so goals still on target.
Tonight I am going to do some more on Fairy Idyll. So inspired by everyone's huge lists of completed items. Do they not sleep?? LOL. I wish I could get as much done! I don't seem to be drawn to small projects, I like to get my teeth stuck into large and complicated one's, hence the Teresa Wentzler fetish! They don't make for quick finishes though, unless you're called Vincent from the TWBB.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Terrible Planning

Friday night was the night that we had said we would visit DH's sister in law as it was her birthday on Saturday. Checked the TV guide before we went out to find, horror of horror, Most Haunted Live was on! One of my favourite show's. It hasn't been around for 6 months, so was totally unexpected, and we had planned to go out! I briefly considered cancelling the visit, then decided that was mean. So I had to video it. But by it's nature a live show doesn't work so well not watching it live.
So Saturday was spent catching up on 3 hours of MHL on video, before that evening's show, and going round garden centre's looking at paving for our patio project.
Saturday night, settled down to watch MHL, PT on the go as the border is easy. MHL has a nasty habit of putting messages along the bottom of the screen while you're watching. My pet hate as sub titles and tricky stitching do not mix! Then the wierdest thing started happening, the electricity started flickering, my stitching light flickered, the answerphone crackled, at one point all the light's went out briefly. Too spooky! I must admit I was a bit scared. I'd always laughed about people texting in to the show saying things like, while I was watching the light' s flickered, and my dog started barking, but it really did happen at our's last night!
Today we went to a local motorcycle show. It was quite small so didn't stay too long. Did manage to get a seat cover for my bike, a Triumph Tigercub so that was quite exciting.
When we got back, did more work clearing the back garden.
I am now gearing myself up for an evening of intense stitching watching MHL. DH is going to his motorcycle club meeting, so on my own.
Stitch or not to Stitch asked if I could post some pictures of the finished article of my WIP's. I am working on it, so watch this space!

Finally I have posted a picture of my other ginger cat Howard and Litha my black cat enjoying the sun.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Right Way Up!

Tried to post last night. Had written post, attached picture, then blogger went down! Most frustrating.
So here goes again.
Didn't stitch much last night, too much time spent on San's new forum and reading other blogs. Tonight I have been to patchwork. It has been a really hot day today. Up to 25c. Even the breeze was warm which is unusual. At patchwork spent the entire evening cutting out the next round of blocks for my quilt. They will be sawtooth stars. After patchwork, went to vote in our local council elections.
I am so excited that people read my blog, and leave such lovely comments. So thanks to you all. Just goes to show what a nice group of people stitchers are.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to Work

Back to work today after Bank Holiday.
I stitched with TW last night, and even if I say so myself, stitched hard!
I worked on Peacock tapestry, and finished the left hand border, and some"x" symbols.
That is a start on my May goals. DH was watching Matrix, really couldn't follow the plot and stitch a TW! LOL.
Matrix 2 on tonight, so going to try and watch that and do Fairy Idyll.
I joined the AngelSan Forum today, so have spent time on that instead of stitching. It's true what people say that blogging seriously cuts down your stitching time!
Must be more tired than I thought! Have taken picture sideways! How stupid is that! Will do better tomorrow.

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

Well today is May Day, and can be taken in all senses of the word!
I've decided to set some stitching goals for May, so the phrase could be being used quite often this month if I'm not on target!

Here goes:-

Monday Night's - participate in TW SAL working on PT
Finish all of left hand border on PT
Finish all symbol "x" in border on PT
Finish left hand Topiary & Urns on Fairy Idyll

It was probably fatal to set those goals as it will no doubt prompt an unexpected model stitching piece to arrive in the mail now. That always seems to happen when I want to do my own stitching, when I'm uninspired with mine, they never come.

I have been working on Fairy Idyll over the weekend. Not too bad progress this last week. Must focus more, more stitching less blogging!

I decided that May is the month to get focussed. I have been coasting this year so far with lots of things building up that I should do, but don't want to. I am going to make a real effort to plan out some of these activities in the hope that I will actually do them. I love lists and crossing things off, if I commit them to paper who knows!

I've also beeen playing with my template trying to add other blog links and WIP list in. Still can't get text size or colour right. Can't see piece in code that relates to this, so may just have to live with it. The headings are fine, it's just the items. Knew I wasn't born to be a programmer.

Off to do PT now as it's Monday, first step of Goal! LOL, let's see how long it lasts.