Friday, June 02, 2006

June Goals

Well another frantic week.
Went to LNS on Tuesday to sort out fabric for MP kit. Learnt something new today, American Antique White fabric is not the same colour as English Antique White. I had pinched the fabric from one of my TW kits, and it was much more yellow than what I should have been using. Not a problem if that was the only piece that was to be stitched, but I had been planning on stitching the set of three. Grrrrr. So I had to have another piece cut to restart MP on, unpick what I had already done, and return the fabric to the TW stash. Needless to say, when I got back from LNS, the bag was thrown in the corner and has not been looked at since.
My May stitching goals went sort of ok. To recap:-
Monday's - work on Peacock Tapestry - Done
Finish left hand border of PT - Done
Do all "x" symbols of PT - Done
Do left hand topiary and Urns on FI - Partial Topiary and Urn done

So for June here goes, this is for up to 25th June when I will then go away. Hurray!!
Make up Pincushion for Exchange
Do 1 page of TG 2
Stitch on Mondays with Teresa
Finish left topiary and urn's on Fairy Idyll
Finish main section on page 7 of PT