Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a Wednesday

I have been working from home again today. It's been great as I haven't had a lot to do. I had a very leisurely get up and breakfast. Made a few phonecalls and sent a few emails. Managed to sort out my old files that needed to be sent to office for archiving, and even managed to get to the gym. That's what I call a good day! Much better than sitting on the motorway for 4 hours! It's still pretty hot here. I do like it because we get to eat outside, and just be in the garden, which is nice.
On the stitching front I am frantically trying to finish page 1 of Chessmates. Still not seeing anything in the picture, but the colours are nice. It just seems such a long way off finishing. I am really tempted to start another one, because they are so nice, but the thought that it would mean an even longer time before a finish is putting me off.
Here's the link for Linda Ravenscroft's Marked One, what do you think? Can you see my temptation?
Also just seen A Perfect Sphere and rather like that one too!
There's no hope!
Stitch or no Stitch asked how many WIP's I have at the moment. I have updated my side bar for the latest, and that is was I have at the moment. I must admit though that I have only listed the cross stitch ones, and not included my canvaswork or quilting!
DH is beavering away on the garden still. Hoping to have a patio by the end of summer.
Going away to sit down and stitch some more.
Will post a WIP when I have finished page 1 of Chessmates.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Roasting Apples

Here is a WIP of my Roasting Apples around the Hearth. It is a Beatrix Potter design charted by Green Apple. I started this just before Christmas last year, didn't do much on it, then got bored of it. Picked it up a couple of weeks ago now as I am stitching it on a hoop, so it's easy to do in the garden. Also took it to Stanford Hall on Sunday where it got wet!
Really hot again today! Signed up a couple of new clients, so not a too bad day.
Still battling with my "to do" list. I have so much stuff to do, and I feel guilty about not doing it, and stitching instead. Thought that if I tried to break it down into manageable goals I would feel better about it, which has worked in part, but still makes for a busy week, and not enough stitching time.
Went to LNS yesterday for some more needles. The ones I bought a couple of weeks ago are sharp in the eye, and snag the threads. I bought a packet of "Piecemakers". They were £2.50 for six needles. That's about $4.50. Very expensive. We were talking about jobs you could do where you could stitch at work, yet get paid. Decided a night shift at a call centre would do the trick. Not sure how well it pay's though.
Have a serious stash buying yearn at minute. Really fancy Mirabilia's new one White Christmas, and also two HAED by Linda Ravenscroft have caught my eye, Marked One and Dark Eyes.
Off to wrestle with conscious and "to do" list

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What a washout!

Today was Founders Day at Stanford Hall, a Vintage Motorcycle Club annual event. Decided to go in the car, and not on the bike due to carrying stuff. Very overcast when we left, so had to pack for every eventuality, rain coat and sun hat! Yesterday was quite warm, but rained quite a lot in the afternoon and evening, so was hoping today would be nice! No chance. Still overcast when we got there. Wandered round the auto jumble. I was then "parked" by the arena so that DH could have a good dig around with rusty bits of metal. Got my stitching out, amid funny looks, and it was quite pleasant until it decided to rain. So chart and fabric got damp, as did I. Rain stopped stitching, so I sat in chair, and got rained on, DH meanwhile blissfully still digging around in jumble.
Nearly got bought a present. DH spotted 1918 Sparkbrook motorcycle which he quite fancied for me, but it had sold when he went back. Never mind, obviously not meant to be. What I really want is a ladies model, late teen's early twenties bike, but they are very rare. I spotted one in an auction catalogue a couple of weeks ago, and expressed an interest. When DH looked at website to get the reserve price it was £10,000. LOL, I've always had expensive tastes, and didn't even have to see it to decide it was nice and expensive.

Friday, July 21, 2006

TGI Friday!

What a week, it's been hot and busy. I prepared my "to do" list for the week on Sunday, and haven't done too bad on it. Failed on the eat a piece of fruit a day one however. On the up side, been to the gym twice, and had duty visiting twice, so not as much time for stitching as would have liked, but done my necessities.
It was DH's mum's birthday today, so we took round a present tonight, bought her brushes and canvases as she is an artist. DH's brother and sister in law also were there. Left later than planned, but then did actually go to the gym, so feel quite superior.
Litha is becoming quite the huntress! Brought us three "presents" yesterday. She is definitely challenging Marlon for his crown.
Off to plan the weekend. There is a vintage bike club do on Sunday at Stanford Hall called "Founders Day". So will be going to that. Hope it stays nice so that I can take stitching.
Will leave you with one of my Rome piccies. We spent quite a lot of time by the Trevi Fountain as there was a good pizza take-out, and ice cream parlour close by, so that was our lunch stop.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pincushion Exchange

Well guys, to catch you up with events during my blogging absence, one of the things I did was take part in a summer pincusion exchange which was organised by Namu on the AngelSan Forum. I was given the name of my stitching partner, and told we had to post by around 20th June to reach destination by beginning of July. Problem was, I did not know what my partner liked/disliked in the way of stitching. I finally settled on a pattern, happily stitched it one Saturday at the beginning of June, and was quite pleased with it. Bad news struck when on Sunday I found a topic on the forum for stitchers likes/dislikes and my partner had put dislikes fantasy, dragons, magic etc, which is my absolute fave! Likes cute/cuddly, which I rarely stitch. I had decided to stitch a sun motif from Fantasy Cross Stitch by Julie Hasler, so had a huge panic that she wouldn't like it. DH calmed me down assuring me that it was fine, and that she would like it, so I sent it off to her at alloted time, put a few other bits in to soften the blow, and just hope that she really did like it.
I received my package quite early in the month of June, and it burned a hole in my fingers as I promised that I wouldn't open it until I had sent mine. When I opened it, it was a beautiful beach scene stitched by Margaret, together with a lovely Dimensions butterfly kit, and a letter. It wasn't until I got back from holiday, and caught up on blog's that I realised my exchange had come from Stitch or No Stitch, who's blog I visit. Dumb eh! But it was lovely to realise that it was "that" Margaret who had sent me the goodies. So ""Thank You"" Stitch or No Stitch.
Piccies enclosed of my lovely package, and the pincushion that I sent on to Quebec.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sooooo Hot!

It was 35 degrees centigrade whilst I was driving down the M6 today! So hot. Must admit though that the car is the coolest place at the moment as I've got air conditioning.
Bit of a better day today. I should have had a second appointment this afternoon, but when I phoned to confirm, they cancelled me. I tried not to sound too pleased, and said I would speak to them in a week! LOL. Not great diary planning as I had scheduled to go back to Stoke next week as I couldn't stay today because of 2nd appointment, so as it was cancelled, I could've done the 2nd Stoke, whereas now I'm still going to have to back next week. Tomorrow's has also cancelled me, couldn't move Friday's to tomorrow, so am at home most of tomorrow, before a late appointment, and will have to use one of my "at home" day's next week to go to tomorrow's! Whoa!!!!!
Anyway, just a quick blog before I have to go back out to meet a friend.
I have recently discovered Heaven and Earth Designs, and their Bulletin Board. It was a blog that I read that led me to this wonderful world. (Mel in Dubai) if anyone else read's it.
The folks at the BB are just great, really friendly, and there's a lot of action on it. I have also started my first HAED which is a SPML design called Chessmates. It is a big design, I am doing it over 1 using 1 thread on 22 count hardanger, and there are about 50 pages to the pattern including thread chart. I think I shall be doing it for some time!

The HAED link is

Hi Trysori, yes the sampler is lovely, and wasn't difficult really. I'm sure that you will really enjoy stitching yours. I'm going to go around with a big star pinned to me now that you feel star struck! LOL

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Unspeakably Cross!!!

Let's just say that it is 10.15pm, and I finished work at 10pm, having started at 9am this morning! It has been in the 30's today, so I am hot, and my office continually, a) screws up and lets me down, or b) asks me stupid questions about why/why not I have done something. And then all go home on the dot of 5pm.
Life sucks!
Stitching has suffered, don't know how much I will do tonight, and haven't had any dinner and it's too late now!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Wierd Month

Well I'm back, sorry that I haven't blogged for ages but it hasn't been the best few weeks for me. Apart from Rome which was absolutely fantastic, and I was sorely tempted to not come back.
I will update you all on what's been happening over the coming entries rather than do a long and rambling post here now.
First up to tell you, I have been published as a model stitcher again, although not credited. I picked up the September issue of World of Cross Stitch because there was a Michael Powell design in it. When I sat down to read it I found my blackwork sampler that I had done ages ago staring back at me from a six page spread. It has been slightly worked on since I returned it, and I am assuming that when a model is stitched, only one person is asked to do the design, not more than one model stitcher (any input from other model stitchers would be very interesting on this), so.... I guess it's mine.
I am posting a picture of the work when I finished it.
Work has been the reason it's been a bad few weeks, back to my usual 10 hour days, and an email received today saying we are still not doing enough, or working hard enough, or putting enough unpaid hours in, so not impressed at moment.
It's really hot here at the moment. It's been 31 degrees centrigrade here today, think that's high 80's. Just come back in the car and it's still 28 degrees at 9pm at night. Unheard of for England!
Off to try and get a bit of stitching done before I fall asleep.