Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pincushion Exchange

Well guys, to catch you up with events during my blogging absence, one of the things I did was take part in a summer pincusion exchange which was organised by Namu on the AngelSan Forum. I was given the name of my stitching partner, and told we had to post by around 20th June to reach destination by beginning of July. Problem was, I did not know what my partner liked/disliked in the way of stitching. I finally settled on a pattern, happily stitched it one Saturday at the beginning of June, and was quite pleased with it. Bad news struck when on Sunday I found a topic on the forum for stitchers likes/dislikes and my partner had put dislikes fantasy, dragons, magic etc, which is my absolute fave! Likes cute/cuddly, which I rarely stitch. I had decided to stitch a sun motif from Fantasy Cross Stitch by Julie Hasler, so had a huge panic that she wouldn't like it. DH calmed me down assuring me that it was fine, and that she would like it, so I sent it off to her at alloted time, put a few other bits in to soften the blow, and just hope that she really did like it.
I received my package quite early in the month of June, and it burned a hole in my fingers as I promised that I wouldn't open it until I had sent mine. When I opened it, it was a beautiful beach scene stitched by Margaret, together with a lovely Dimensions butterfly kit, and a letter. It wasn't until I got back from holiday, and caught up on blog's that I realised my exchange had come from Stitch or No Stitch, who's blog I visit. Dumb eh! But it was lovely to realise that it was "that" Margaret who had sent me the goodies. So ""Thank You"" Stitch or No Stitch.
Piccies enclosed of my lovely package, and the pincushion that I sent on to Quebec.


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