Friday, July 21, 2006

TGI Friday!

What a week, it's been hot and busy. I prepared my "to do" list for the week on Sunday, and haven't done too bad on it. Failed on the eat a piece of fruit a day one however. On the up side, been to the gym twice, and had duty visiting twice, so not as much time for stitching as would have liked, but done my necessities.
It was DH's mum's birthday today, so we took round a present tonight, bought her brushes and canvases as she is an artist. DH's brother and sister in law also were there. Left later than planned, but then did actually go to the gym, so feel quite superior.
Litha is becoming quite the huntress! Brought us three "presents" yesterday. She is definitely challenging Marlon for his crown.
Off to plan the weekend. There is a vintage bike club do on Sunday at Stanford Hall called "Founders Day". So will be going to that. Hope it stays nice so that I can take stitching.
Will leave you with one of my Rome piccies. We spent quite a lot of time by the Trevi Fountain as there was a good pizza take-out, and ice cream parlour close by, so that was our lunch stop.


  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger Ali B said…

    Hiya - well done for keeping up your resolve and going to the gym :-) you have every right to feel superior! Lovely picture of the Trevi Fountain - it brings back memories of a holiday I had many years ago with my parents.


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