Sunday, July 23, 2006

What a washout!

Today was Founders Day at Stanford Hall, a Vintage Motorcycle Club annual event. Decided to go in the car, and not on the bike due to carrying stuff. Very overcast when we left, so had to pack for every eventuality, rain coat and sun hat! Yesterday was quite warm, but rained quite a lot in the afternoon and evening, so was hoping today would be nice! No chance. Still overcast when we got there. Wandered round the auto jumble. I was then "parked" by the arena so that DH could have a good dig around with rusty bits of metal. Got my stitching out, amid funny looks, and it was quite pleasant until it decided to rain. So chart and fabric got damp, as did I. Rain stopped stitching, so I sat in chair, and got rained on, DH meanwhile blissfully still digging around in jumble.
Nearly got bought a present. DH spotted 1918 Sparkbrook motorcycle which he quite fancied for me, but it had sold when he went back. Never mind, obviously not meant to be. What I really want is a ladies model, late teen's early twenties bike, but they are very rare. I spotted one in an auction catalogue a couple of weeks ago, and expressed an interest. When DH looked at website to get the reserve price it was £10,000. LOL, I've always had expensive tastes, and didn't even have to see it to decide it was nice and expensive.


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