Monday, July 17, 2006

Wierd Month

Well I'm back, sorry that I haven't blogged for ages but it hasn't been the best few weeks for me. Apart from Rome which was absolutely fantastic, and I was sorely tempted to not come back.
I will update you all on what's been happening over the coming entries rather than do a long and rambling post here now.
First up to tell you, I have been published as a model stitcher again, although not credited. I picked up the September issue of World of Cross Stitch because there was a Michael Powell design in it. When I sat down to read it I found my blackwork sampler that I had done ages ago staring back at me from a six page spread. It has been slightly worked on since I returned it, and I am assuming that when a model is stitched, only one person is asked to do the design, not more than one model stitcher (any input from other model stitchers would be very interesting on this), so.... I guess it's mine.
I am posting a picture of the work when I finished it.
Work has been the reason it's been a bad few weeks, back to my usual 10 hour days, and an email received today saying we are still not doing enough, or working hard enough, or putting enough unpaid hours in, so not impressed at moment.
It's really hot here at the moment. It's been 31 degrees centrigrade here today, think that's high 80's. Just come back in the car and it's still 28 degrees at 9pm at night. Unheard of for England!
Off to try and get a bit of stitching done before I fall asleep.


  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger trysori said…

    Ooooh I saw that sampler and it's on my "want to stitch" list.

    How awesome that I, well sort of, know the person who stitched the one in the magazine.

    (PS I'm very easily starstruck)


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